Cyber Zone Technologies

Boot Camps

Boot Camps are specially formulated for students, professionals, corporate and Government persons, which cannot give regular time for various courses. All the courses of boot-camp are crafted in manner to give out maximum in most effective and efficient way, more emphases is laid on practical's and real life scenarios.

Boot-Camps Courses

Boot-Camp 1. Networking

Boot-Camp 2. Ethical Hacking

Boot-Camp 3. Cloud Computing

Boot-Camp 4. Linux

Boot-Camp 5. Asp.NET

Boot-Camp 6. Website designing

Boot-Camp 7. Virtualization

Boot-Camp 8. Cyber Crime & Cyber Crime Investigation

Boot-Camp 9. Building Services with Solution Stacks

Boot-Camp.10 Customize Application Software's

Boot-Camp.11 Backtrack OS

Boot-Camp.12 Metasploit