Cyber Zone Technologies

Oracle 10g

Oracle Database 10g is Oracle's revolutionary new grid offering for database administrators, which include breakthrough self-management, storage management, and clustering features. It is designed to relieve system administrators from repetitive, low-value administrative work and provide them with an opportunity to increase their value and expand their technical skills. The new Oracle University curriculum tracks for Oracle Database 10g are tailored to the scale and needs of customers' data centers. These new courses target current and new Oracle Database Administrators and provide training in half the time and half the cost. Oracle Database 10g offers many new tools that help DBAs work more efficiently (and perhaps more enjoyably), freeing them for more strategic, creative endeavors—not to mention their nights and weekends. Oracle Database 10g really is that big of a deal for DBAs.

Advantage of the Course

In this series, Cyber Zone Technologies will provide brief, focused analyses of these interesting new tools and techniques. The goal is to outline the functions and benefits of the feature so that you can put it into action in your environment as quickly as possible.The curriculum recommended for the Oracle Database 10g DBA teaches the knowledge and skills you need to be an Oracle Database 10g DBA.Learn directly from the source -- the best way to get the skills you need to be an Oracle Database 10g DBA. Be in demand Oracle DBAs (are in demand around the world in almost every industry, and command excellent compensation.

Course Outline

Module 1. RDBMS

Module 2. Back-End Programming

Module 3. Client Server Architecture

Module 4. Defining Relational Model

Module 5. DATABASE OBJECTS: Creating Tables,Views, Sequence

Module 6. Synonyms,Indexing,Alert Sequence,Insert Tables

Module 7. Constraints. Unique Key,Primary key

Module 8. Operator Types:Numeric, Logical,Relational

Module 9. Query Expression Operator, Union Intersect,Minus

Module 10. Functions: Arithmetic,Group,Data

Module 11. SQL & SQL Plus Select Statements

Module 12. SQL Data Types of Oracle

Module 13. Data Definition, Operators

Module 14. Function,Multi-Table

Module 15. Queries Sub- Queries

Module 16. Normal- Correlated

Module 17. DDL & DML Commands

Module 18. Pseudo column ROWID, Script Files, Locking

Module 19. Commands,Joins,Inner Joins,ARRAY

Module 20. Package Type,Cursor,Exception

Module 21. PL SQL Plus

Module 22. PL SQL ,Tables Arrays

Module 23. Data Types -Scalar Composite

Module 24. PL SQL Block Structure

Module 25. Constraints, Procedure Pkg,Declaration Prog,Constructs

Module 26. Cursors, SubBlocks, View & Security

Module 27. Nested Tables

Module 28. Database Administration (theory)

Module 29. Advanced Oracle, Concepts & Utilities

Module 30. Physical & Logical, Table Spaces, Segments, Extent

Module 31. Allocation / Deallocation, Truncated Table Command

Module 32. Commit & Database Triggers